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Service Providers

There are a number of service providers involved in horse ownership:

  • Every horse owner needs to have a veterinarian that sees your horse regularly and monitors its overall health.
  • Other wellness service providers including chiropractors, nutritionists, and acupuncturists can strengthen your wellness programs.
  • Every owner needs to have a farrier.
  • Chances are good that horse owners will need the assistance of a professional trainer at some time during their horse’s life.
  • If you do not own a trailer, you should know who local horse transporters are.
  • At the end of life, you will need to know what to do with your horse’s body lists a wide variety of service provides. As a horse owner, you are responsible for providing the best possible care for your animals. So it is important to do your homework in advance and know who you are comfortable working with.

There are some general guidelines that work for all service providers:
  • Ask people you trust for recommendations
  • Check references
  • Many service providers have Web sites, read them
  • Google potential service providers
  • Know the needs of your horse so that you can best fit your needs with the provider
  • Make sure you and your service provider get along and communicate well

It might take several tries to find the service providers you feel comfortable with, so begin your selection process early so that when your horse needs support, you have an entire team in place to respond.

The following links offer suggestions on how to locate specific service providers: